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Application of air spring in industrial equipment

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Company News
Application of air spring in industrial equipment

When we talk about air springs, what many people can think of is the shock absorption on cars. In fact, in the automotive field, installing air springs in automobile suspension can bring excellent shock absorption effects. Of course, air springs can not only be used in the automotive industry, but also in industry.


First of all, what is an air spring?

Air springs, also known as rubber air springs, air vibration isolators, airbags, etc.

The basic structure is to fill compressed air in a scalable closed container, taking advantage of the properties of air regaining its original state after compression to act as a spring. Due to the good control ductility of the air spring, after modifying the relative height adjustment equipment, the relative height will not change with the load adjustment.


The basic principle of the air spring is to fill the closed working pressure main cylinder with compressed gas, which can make the working pressure of the body several times higher than the atmospheric pressure, and then the cross-sectional area of the hydraulic cylinder is lower than the cross-sectional area of the piston rod, thus forming a pressure difference to complete the movement of the hydraulic cylinder.


With the development of industry, air springs are widely used in industrial production equipment. For example, paper machinery, vibrating screens, presses, centrifugal dehydrators, casting and textile machinery and equipment, precision machine tools and other industrial equipment. When the mechanical equipment operates, the noise generated by the vibration will cause damage to the machinery itself and physical harm to the staff. When the mechanical equipment is equipped with an air spring, it can cache and absorb the vibration generated by the machine's work, effectively reducing the noise. At the same time, it can also extend the service life of machinery and equipment, improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and be conducive to the sustainable development of enterprises.


For example, installing air springs in papermaking equipment and textile equipment. Paper or cloth needs to bypass multiple transfer rollers at high speed during winding, so constant tension is required to avoid loosening and deformation, or even breaking of paper or cloth. However, after using the air spring, it has a strong ability to withstand shocks and protects transporters and conveyors from damage. It can effectively improve the production efficiency of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.


The reason why the air spring is applied to the equipment is that it has the advantages of high frequency vibration isolation, sound insulation and low natural frequency, which can better realize vibration isolation and ensure the safety and stability of the base and control system of the vibration equipment. Therefore, air springs are widely used in vibration isolation of industrial machinery and equipment, such as vibrating screens, or vibration isolation of luxury vehicle seats. The wide application of air spring has a great development prospect.


The development of air springs is progressing with the continuous innovation of technology, and the air springs produced by GUOMAT have been continuously innovated and improved, and have been recognized by more and more customers. In the future development, GUOMAT will continue to provide customers with high-quality air springs.

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