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Explore the mystery of air suspension

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Explore the mystery of air suspension
Latest company news about Explore the mystery of air suspension

Explore the mystery of air suspension



The word "air suspension" is no stranger to many people, especially some people in the industry. Anyone who has bought a car or knows this should know what the benefits of air suspension are for the car. The air suspension has its own unique advantages. A car with an air suspension and a car without an air suspension are certain. The difference.



Some people will be curious as to why they should hang with air? In fact, the reason is very simple. The structure of the air suspension mainly consists of an air spring with air inside and a variable damping damper. Compared with the traditional steel car suspension, there is a certain gap. The advantage of air suspension It must be much more than it is, just like an air spring will replace a leaf spring. The advantage of the air suspension is that the spring coefficient of the spring is simply that the soft and hard spring can be adjusted according to its own needs. For a simple example: If you are driving at high speed, you can improve the stability of the car by making the suspension hard. When you drive at low speed for a long time, the control unit will judge you on the bumpy road. When driving up, the suspension will soften to improve the comfort of shock absorption.



In addition, there is a certain acceleration when the wheel receives a ground impact, which is also a factor that the air spring will take into account when it is automatically adjusted. Let's take a simple example. When the car is cornering at high speed, the air springs and shock absorbers of the outer wheels will automatically harden to reduce the tilting of the body. When the emergency brake is encountered, the electronic module will also face the front. The hardness of the springs and shock absorbers of the wheel is reinforced to reduce the forward tilt of the body due to inertia. It can be seen that a car with an air suspension has higher control limits and comfort than a car without an air suspension, and it also brings convenience to the owner. However, the air suspension also incorporates the traditional chassis lifting technology, which is the idea to take its essence to its dross. When the car is driving at high speed, the height of the car body is automatically reduced, thereby improving the grounding performance to ensure good high-speed driving stability while reducing wind resistance and fuel consumption. As the speed passes through the bumpy road, the chassis automatically rises to improve performance. In addition, the air suspension system can automatically maintain the height of the vehicle body. The height of the vehicle body can be kept constant regardless of the full load, so that the spring travel of the suspension system is kept constant under any load conditions, so that the damping characteristics are basically not affected. Therefore, even under full load, the body is easy to control. For shock absorption, this is a leap in platform technology.
In summary, the air suspension is really a good choice for the car, although its own cost and maintenance costs are relatively high, but the effect is good, with the continuous improvement of the technical level, I believe trivial The problem can be mentioned as a good solution, and it is believed that its development will get better and better, and it will be loved by more and more people.







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