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How do we choose the right car air spring shock absorber?

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GUOMAT has many types of air spring and can accurately meet our requirements. You have advantage price and professional service team.

—— Vlad from Russia

The air suspension spring have passed the test and they are fitting for our car model. Through the cooperation we are familiar with each other.

—— Eric from Southeast Asia

Thank you very much for your patience and prompt reply.GUOMAT gives me big help,delivery time is very fast.

—— Peter from European

You have been very professional in your sale,I am trying to expand my work in Italy if you are personally interested in making a profit.

—— Ivan from Italy

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How do we choose the right car air spring shock absorber?

When our car's air spring shock absorber is damaged, how should we choose a new air spring shock absorber? What should I pay attention to when choosing a shock absorber?


When choosing the air spring shock absorber of the car, more attention is paid to the reliability of product quality and can continue to maintain the performance of the original air suspension system. GUOMAT focuses on the performance of car shock absorbers, so it has the following advantages:


Perfect shock absorption performance

GUOMAT air spring shock absorber can intelligently adjust the internal air pressure of the car air spring shock absorber, overcoming the single length of the traditional steel spring coefficient. Because the length of the traditional steel spring is fixed, the height of the chassis is fixed. If the length of the spring is too long, the passability of the car will be improved, but the driving stability will be worse. If the elasticity of the spring is too large, the spring will not absorb the shock of the vehicle, or even cause the vehicle to increase vibration and reduce comfort. If the elasticity is too small, drive on a smooth road, the ride comfort is high, but on an unstable road, it is easy to press the spring to the minimum stroke and completely lose the shock absorption effect. Cars equipped with air spring shock absorbers can predict the distance from the ground to the body through distance sensors, and inflate and vent the air springs to ensure the stability and comfort of the vehicle.


So, how should we choose the right air spring shock absorber?


一、 According to VIN

What is the VIN?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a set of 17 English or numbers that can identify the manufacturer, engine, chassis serial number and other performance information of the car. In order to avoid confusion with the numbers “1”and“ 0”, the English letters “I ”and “o ”or “Q ”are not used, and each set of VIN is unique and will not be repeated.


Find the VIN of your vehicle in front of the dashboard on the driver's side. Looking through the windshield from outside the car, where the hood ends and the windshield begins, it is easiest to see your VIN. Or look for VIN on the pillar of the driver's side door. When you open the door and look around where the door connects the car, you will see this. If you can't find the vehicle identification number in the car, it should be printed on your insurance card and vehicle name.


二、 Enquiry according to the OEM number

In countries with developed automobile manufacturing, in order to facilitate the management of parts, each automobile manufacturer uses different numbers for each part of each model. This number is the OEM number, also known as the OE number. An OE represents a product. In addition to facilitating the management of production plants, the OE number is also often used in auto parts commodity trading, making product transactions simpler and more accurate, and avoiding errors to the greatest extent. At present, the OE number is mainly used as an important index identification for query information. If you know the OE number corresponding to the product, it is very convenient to obtain the detailed product parameters corresponding to this OE number, as well as all product information of all manufacturers corresponding to this number.

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