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Main application areas of GUOMAT air springs, not only the car but also the machine

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Company News
Main application areas of GUOMAT air springs, not only the car but also the machine
Latest company news about Main application areas of GUOMAT air springs, not only the car but also the machine
Main application areas of GUOMAT air springs, not only the car but also the machine

With the continuous improvement of social requirements, we are continuously pursuing equipment control accuracy, equipment use safety, equipment use flexibility, stability, etc. The advantages of air springs have gradually been discovered by everyone, and have become a new breakthrough in many industries. The high-matt air springs have made excellent performance improvements to many industrial equipment, such as: air shock-absorbing industrial washing machines. After retrofitting air spring shock absorption, it can effectively reduce the noise generated by the washing machine during operation. And vibration, to get rid of the dilemma of the previous industrial washing machine that requires additional "laying the ground"; air spring deflector: more accurate control distance, soft and hard adjustable deflection spring, suitable for more types of deflection objects, while achieving good Correction effect. Based on its unique advantages and excellent performance, air springs have gradually begun to penetrate into many industrial fields such as automobiles, manufacturing, and shock absorption.

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According to statistics, in 2015, the equipment rate of air springs in the entire North American market has reached 71%, Europe has reached 63%, and Asia has only reached 5%. In Europe and the United States, the popularity of air springs has been a few years ago. Very high. Domestic elites recognize the development situation. In recent years, with the continuous efforts of Chinese people, keeping up with the trend of the times, and carefully tapping customer needs, domestic air springs have achieved rapid development. High Matt air springs can be applied to various industries and their performance has been significantly improved.


The application fields of air springs mainly include the following three categories (but not limited to these three categories):

One. Requires the use of shock absorbers or industries requiring shock absorption
As mentioned above, due to the special nature of air spring damping principles, the shock absorption effect of washing machines, punches, and floating bridges is much better than traditional steel coil springs and cushions. Air springs The upper and lower end covers are linked by rubber airbags and compressed air, which can reduce any frequency of vibration to 1Hz. In addition, because the softness and rigidity of the air spring can be adjusted, it can be used for shock absorption under various load conditions without replacing the shock absorber, and achieve a satisfactory shock absorption effect.


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two. Equipment that requires a lift / compact cylinder
Such as gluing mill, demolding machine, calender roll, etc., after adjustment and use, the internal pressure of the air spring is constant, which can provide stable and continuous power to the equipment according to user requirements. Different from the traditional fixed clamping device, when encountering abnormal conditions, the reaction of mechanical depression is usually stuck or even directly damaged. The main means of hydraulic cylinders is emergency pressure relief, although hydraulic cylinders can protect equipment according to It is very questionable whether the response speed of the hydraulic cylinder can meet the requirements of the actual situation on site. When encountering abnormal operations, due to the compressibility of air, the air spring can be further compressed, making the equipment " There is a way back "to avoid further damage to the equipment.


three. The direction of the force is in the direction of an arc or surface
Such as: sun tracker, hinged door, scissor lift, swash plate motor, etc. In the past, whenever a surface was required to be stressed, a series of complicated calculations and experiments were always performed on a simple arc or lake surface. In the end, it had to be tested several times, and the best can be selected after careful observation of practice. The plan, which involves a large amount of work and a lot of human and financial resources, is a headache. The air spring has a high degree of softness, and while ensuring the shock absorption effect and effect, it can almost directly eliminate the design and experiment steps for curve operation or curved surface operation, and it has a relatively high work adaptability when directly put into use.


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GUOMAT AIR SPRINGS Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced and innovative enterprise in China. Since its establishment, Gaomat has always adhered to its original intentions, only making the best quality, not the cheapest, providing the most affordable and quality products. The pursuit and the attraction of talents are all cost-neutral. Adhere to the organization of a group of outstanding domestic and foreign professional engineers, take root in the front-line production site, combine the actual production situation, actively summarize the characteristics of the production process, encourage innovation, and continue to try new production improvement programs. For five years, it has continued to take root. All models of GOMART have successively been recognized by Chinese authoritative appraisal agencies, and have passed the ISO9001-VDA6.1 standardization system certification. China agency. Among GMAT's self-produced products, the comprehensively developed products now cover the main fields of air spring applications such as industrial air springs, air compressors, air shock absorbers for passenger cars / buses / trucks, etc., and are widely used in shock absorption and lifting. Lifting, pressing, absorbing / providing the force of a curve or surface.

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