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The role of rubber air springs

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The role of rubber air springs
Latest company news about The role of rubber air springs

The role of rubber air springs


With the rapid development of rubber air springs, the application of rubber air springs has become more and more extensive, not only limited to the use of automobiles, but also on rail vehicles such as trains, subways, light rails and maglev trains. The use of automobiles in applications is still the most extensive. Of course, you can also look at the air springs on some industrial equipment. Why are air springs so popular? Nothing is because it has its own uniqueness.


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Anyone who has used rubber air springs knows that the working principle of air springs is to use the elasticity of rubber and the pressure of air to achieve the effects of shock absorption, shock absorption, vibration isolation, noise prevention and buffering, and play an elastic support role for carrying loads. For example, after the rubber air spring is installed in the car, the vibration generated by the wheel during the running of the vehicle is not transmitted to the suspension or the cab, which improves the smoothness and safety of the vehicle during driving. In other respects, the principle is similar. In addition, rubber air springs have other functions.


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In terms of spring height, stiffness and load carrying capacity, it is chosen to be independent of each other, to a wide range, and to obtain extremely soft spring characteristics. When the height control valve is used, the height of the air spring can be appropriately controlled according to the requirements of use, and a certain height is maintained while the load changes. Compared with rubber air springs of the same size, changing the internal pressure can obtain different bearing capacity, and there is a proportional relationship between them. This shows that the air spring can adapt to various load requirements. When designing the stiffness of the spring, it can be selected according to the internal pressure of the changing spring, and the relationship between them is roughly proportional. It can be seen that the stiffness can be selected very low according to the requirements. For a fixed-size air spring, the stiffness is variable and varies with the load, and the natural vibration frequency can be kept constant under any load. The support system has almost unchanged performance.


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The natural vibration frequency of the air spring is low, and the rubber air spring can maintain a low or nearly equal vibration frequency under any load. The vibration and sound insulation effect of the rubber air spring is also excellent. Since the air spring is composed of rubber and air, the internal friction is small and there is no metal contact, so it is not affected by the natural vibration of the spring itself. The ability to vibrate at high frequencies, but also to achieve sound insulation. The rubber air spring can also use the damping effect of the air to add an orifice between the rubber air spring and the additional air chamber. When the spring is loaded with vibration, the air will flow through the orifice and energy loss occurs. Thus, it plays a role in damping vibration.

In summary, the action is the role of the rubber air spring. It can be seen that the rubber air spring really has its own unique features, and it is no wonder that more and more people like it.






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